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A total of 6 stages averaging 5.92 miles over a total course length of 35.5 miles.
This is a flat mixed-terrain race using trails, footpaths and some quiet roads.
Directing marshals (M) and arrows (A)

Post Codes for GPS Navigation
Paradise Centre, Ely (changing, post-race refreshments, prizes)   CB7 4PQ
Minster Place (start and finish by Ely Cathedral)                          CB7 4EL
Stages 1-2 changeover at Dimmock's Cote                                  CB7 5XL
Stages 2-3 and 4-5 changeovers at Waterbeach                           CB5 9HZ
Stages 3-4 changeover at La Mimosa Restaurant, Jesus Green     CB5 8AQ
Stages 5-6 changeover at Upware car park                                  CB7 5ZR

Stage 1:  Ely - Dimmock's Cote  (5.6m miles - minimum age 16)         MAP  

Start in Minster Place by tall lamppost near to the west gate of Ely Cathedral. Run down The Gallery and left (M) through The Porter (M) onto footpath down hill through The Park to cross Broad Street (M) into Jubilee Gardens to the river bank (M) and turn right past The Cutter Inn. Follow riverside tarmac path to cross A142 (M) onto the track (M) along the west side of the R Gt Ouse to single line (M) level crossing (1.6m). The vehicle access gates will be open and there should not be any trains - but stop if requested by the marshal. Failure to obey the marshal will result in disqualification of the stage runner and team.  Continue 0.6m to cross Braham Dock (2.2m) inlet using the new footbridge (A) continue along riverbank 1.1m to two K gates (A) near Lt Thetford and remain on riverbank for 0.7m to footbridge (M) over R Gt Ouse at the Fish & Duck marina (4.1m). After bridge (M), turn right (A) for about 20 yards and then left (A) to join R Cam riverbank (A) and follow for 1.6m to Dimmock's Cote where there are two changeover options (WET & DRY), depending on conditions:

WET - carefully cross A1123, as directed by marshals, down track for 80 yards to the changeover on grassy verge on right, just beyond the junction with the car park track.

DRY - on approaching Dimmock's Cote, bear left (signed) off the raised riverbank across the water meadow and under the A1123 concrete road bridge to the changeover just beyond.

Stage 2:  Dimmock's Cote - Waterbeach  (6.1 miles - minimum age 16 MAP

- After take-over, continue along
 farm track 
(fence on left) to trees (0.2m) where turn left (follow fence) up raised bank and right on path, just beyond K gate.

DRY - After take-over continue along side of river to wood where turn right up raised bank to K gate (0.2m) between trees.

Follow raised bank path to another K gate (0.3m) to  pump house (0.5m) on right and concrete pillbox on left. Continue along raised bank path and see Upware Marina (1.3m) on other side of river. Continue to track junction (1.7m). Turn left at style (A) down to gate and riverside meadow. Continue along meadow past 1st water channel (2.1m) on right (A). Continue to style (2.4m) across meadow fence (A). Continue to 2nd water channel (2.7m) on right and head diagonally (A) right to K gate (2.9m) on raised bank path at end of meadow (A). Follow along raised bank path and see lock (3.6m) on other side of river. Continue along raised bank through K gate (4m) and K gate (4.6m) to gate just before weir (5m) with island lock on left. Ignore path across weir and continue straight ahead (A) through another gate (A) and along raised bank path across style (5.1m) and another style (5.3m) until through gate (5.6m) with mobile home park on left. Continue on footpath to track junction (5.7m) and take left turn (A) to road (5.8m). Take staggered right (M) and left (M) across road to cycle track and turn left (A). Follow cycle track (parallel to road) to end of stage (6.1m) in lay-by from corner of road opposite Bridge Pub car park. Note: this lay-by is for officialís cars only and please do not use pub car park.

Stage 3:  Waterbeach - Cambridge  (5.7 miles - minimum age 15)       MAP

 After take-over (near lay-by opposite the Bridge pubís car park) follow cycle path for 100 yards to the riverside cycle path and turn right (M) alongside the R Cam towards Cambridge. Follow this path (river on left) past an access road (A) from Milton on right (1.8m), then Baits Bite Lock (2.0m) on left, and continue (A) under A14 dual carriageway bridge (2.3m) and under railway bridge (3.6m) until the riverside path joins (A) Water Street in the same direction (M) just before the Penny Ferry pub (3.9m).  Keep to left pavement (pub on left) of Water Street for 370 yards and see Green Dragon pub on right. Opposite this pub turn left (A) across footbridge (4.1m) across river and then right (M) along riverside footpath (A) with the river now on right. Continue to where joins (M) Riverside road (4.3m) and go past pumping station (4.5m) with a tall chimney to the (M) Elizabeth Way bridge (4.7m). Continue straight ahead under Elizabeth Way bridge (A) and along the riverside footpath under red and white footbridge (4.9m) past Midsummer Common (on left) and under (A) black footbridge (5.2m), and then under (A) Victoria Avenue bridge (5.3m) to Jesus Green. Follow (A) the riverside footpath past the swimming pool on the left and lock (5.5m) on the right (M) and continue to the end of stage (5.7m) by La Mimosa restaurant

 Stage 4: Cambridge - Waterbeach  (6.0 miles - minimum age 16)       MAP

After take-over at La Mimosa restaurant, run on grassy NW side of Jesus Green (between tennis courts and fence of Park Parade) for about 230 yards to corner (A) by Jesus Ditch and turn sharp left onto tarmac footpath for about 280 yards (past toilets on right) to the R Cam lock (0.3m) where turn right (M) onto riverside footpath past (A) the swimming pool and under (A) Victoria Avenue bridge (0.5m). Continue along riverside footpath under black footbridge (0.64m), under red/white footbridge (1.0m), and under Elizabeth Way (M) bridge (1.1m) and into Waterside road, past the pumping station with a tall chimney (1.4m) to the bollards at the entrance (M) to Stourbridge Common (1.6m). Take the grassy footpath straight ahead (A) across Stourbridge Common (A) to rejoin (1.9m) the riverbank path (A) opposite the Penny Ferry pub on the other bank. Continue along the riverside path under the railway bridge (2.2m) where it becomes grassy and crosses (A) a small footbridge (2.3m) over a drain into Ditton Meadows (A). Continue along the grassy riverside footpath until it bears slightly right away from the river to K gate (2.7m) at the base of the hill up to Fen Ditton Church (2.8m) where turn left (M) into Church Street. Follow to sharp left bend where the road becomes Green End (2.9m) and goes downhill. Ignore footpath sign on right and continue (A) down road to right bend and straight ahead to end of road (3.3m) and straight ahead (A) on track across meadow. Follow this path (river is about 50 yards on left) under the A14 (3.6m) and straight ahead (A) into woodland path (A). Follow woodland path until it turns sharp left (A) across Baits Bite lock (4.0m) and R Cam to turn right (A) along the riverside cycle path. Continue north towards Waterbeach along riverside cycle path for 1.9m to road by bridge across river. Check for traffic and turn right (M) across bridge and immediately left (M) down track for 80 yards to end of stage just past launch ramp. Note: do not park in pub car park on other side of river.

Stage 5:  Waterbeach - Upware  (4.5 miles - minimum age 16)                  MAP

After take-over follow  riverside footpath that becomes a raised bank path. Ignore left turn across lock and weir (0.9m) and continue (A) to cross Bottisham Lode (1.0m) along (A) raised bank path through K gate (1.9m) to Lode Farm and lock bridge across Swaffham Bulbeck Lode (2.3m). Follow (A) raised bank path across style (A) to/through marina (A) and though K gate and over pole barrier until joins (M) road (4.3m). Continue ahead along road across Upware lock bridge and straight on for 120 yards to changeover at car park on right (4.5m). Note: If using the same vehicle, fast teams will not have enough safe time to collect their stage 4 runner and deliver their stage 5 runner. 

Stage 6:  Upware - Ely  (7.6 miles - minimum age 17)                  MAP

After take-over, go 170 yards to T-junction and turn left. After 110 yards (at sign post ĎPublic Footpath to Ely 7.5mí) turn right (A) over style to path across small meadow to another style. Cross style and turn left (A) to base of arable field. Ignore track through gate (A) and turn right (0.3m) along soft track at base of cereal field and right again (A) alongside wood. At end of wood (0.7m) turn sharp left (M) along grassy track which becomes very muddy before crossing (M) the A1123 (1.6m) to continue along track (with Chalk Pit works on right) for 0.4 mile to Kingfisher (humpback) bridge (2.0m) and after 80 yards turn left (M), just before T-junction with concrete road, onto raised bank public footpath. Follow raised bank through the trees and a gate (A) and around right hand bend. After the trees, the river can be seen on your left (2.7m) and ahead see Ely Cathedral in the distance. Follow raised riverbank path until see Fish & Duck marina and Rs Cam/Gt Ouse confluence on other side of river (3.5m). Continue along raised bank path to and over (M) Lode End Bridge/pump house (4.7m) and continue ahead (A) on top of R Gt Ouse bank until bank top path changes to tarmac surface (5.0m). Follow tarmac riverside path under the new railway bridge (M) (5.8m). Do not use the level crossing. To do so will result in disqualification of the stage runner and team. Continue along tarmac path to the A142 (6.5m) where turn left and shortly cross road (M) to pavement and continue across river bridge. Immediately after the river bridge, turn right (A) down riverside footpath and follow under railway bridge to The Cutter Inn (6.9m) on your left. Stay on riverside footpath and after 70 yards, turn left into Jubilee Gardens and across Broad Street (M) at the pedestrian crossing into The Park. Follow the footpath up through The Park and turn right (M) at the top (before The Porta) onto the access road towards Ely Cathedral. Follow this road (which becomes a wide footpath) around the back (east end) of the cathedral and along the north side of the cathedral to the Finish (7.6m) on the grass area between the cathedral and High Street.



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