ER 1 Mile Handicap Stats
Number of Entrants 32  
Number of female Entrants 8  
% female entrants 25.00%  
Average age of entrants 40.75  
Median age of entrants 37.5  
Number of Runners 28  
Predicted time average 06:13.1  
Predicted time median 06:02.5  
Actual time average 06:09.8  
Actual time median 05:52.4  
Average % time diiference -1.20%  
Average % age graded score 67.87  
Median % age graded score 69.16  
Age Graded Scores
The age graded score is the perentage speed achieved when compared
with the best in the world for a particular age/gender. So for instance, 
if a 30 year old woman achieved a time or 8:15.0 for 1 mile which resulted in an
age graded acore of 50%, we could assume the world record for a
woman of this age over the same distance is 4:07.5. i.e half the time.