Individual Affiliation to England Athletics is an additional £15 (plus 70p admin) (Junior & Senior). Benefits of EA affiliation include:


- Discount on entry fee for EA affiliated races
- Eligibility to compete in county, regional and national championships
- Use of some national results and ranking tables such as
- It is required to enter ER ballot for London Marathon places

EA affiliation is not required to enter Parkruns, Kevin Henry or Frostbite Friendly League races, many non-EA races, or any ER club races





After submitting the form, you will be taken to the payment page and may pay by credit card or debit card



I hereby renew my membership of ELY RUNNERS

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I hereby renew my membership of ELY RUNNERS - Please select "1st Claim", or "2nd Claim" if you wish to
retain main membership with another athletic club and represent them primarily in competition.


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